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Will Facebook RSS Replace Google Reader?

A few weeks back, I spotted mentions of RSS feeds in Facebook’s code. With the closure of Google Reader at the end of the month, Facebook could be a new place to keep up-to-date with content from around the web.

Facebook code revealing RSS Feeds

Facebook schemas list all the types on content and the connections between them. Users have photos, photos might have a place and so on.

A new entry appeared - now users have RSS feeds, each RSS feed has multiple entries, and a list of subscribers. What’s surprising is that the code mentions RSS specifically, and distinctly from existing interest lists and friend lists. Also, note that this is unconnected to Facebook outputting RSS feeds, which they’ve done for a while.

I’ve tried to access RSS feeds through the API, but it’s currently locked down, and only available to whitelisted apps.

Facebook could make a great RSS reader, and I’d hope something gets launched before Google finally pulls the plug on Reader.

Update: Facebook have removed rssfeed and rssentry details from the schema.