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Official Facebook Logo Updated

A revised Facebook logo just went up on Facebook’s Newsroom site

Before After

Not much in it. The new Facebook Home logo also drops the lighter blue line, and pulls the f to the edge of the box.

What’s strange is that the new logo download is full transparent, with the f fully cut out. I’m not sure if that’s an oversight, or they’re hoping to use the logo more creatively.

Wider update

A number of other official pages have had their logos updated for the first time in years:

Before After
Non Profits
US Govt
Facebook Live

…I think it looks great! I haven’t seen the new logo appear on the Like button, or as the favicon on all pages of Facebook yet, but I can’t imagine it’ll be long.

Also, I haven’t worked out who’s behind the update - there isn’t any mention of the update from Facebook’s newsroom.