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Create a Facebook Group as Your Page

Currently, only users can create and moderate Facebook Groups. But, it’s looking like Facebook are working on letting Pages create and manage groups.

On a Facebook page, it looks like it’s possible to add a Groups module to the favorites at the top of the page. However, nothing obvious happens after clicking groups. Often, a bug like this on Facebook points to new projects being worked on.

After trying to add the Groups module, I found an unfinished Groups page.

Since there’s no obvious way to create a new group, I headed to the Graph API Explorer to what can be done through the API.

Creating a Group

Using a page access token, you can POST to /me/groups with a name parameter set to your new group name.

This returns your new group ID. Query that, and you’ll get full details:

  "id": "530648920292865", 
  "owner": {
    "category": "Website", 
    "name": "Cut Out + Keep", 
    "id": "6308333870"
  "name": "Test", 
  "venue": {
    "street": ""
  "privacy": "CLOSED", 
  "icon": "", 
  "updated_time": "2013-01-16T01:55:46+0000", 
  "email": "", 
  "version": 1

Note that the owner is your Page!

Now, you can visit the group. Some admin actions require you to switch to use Facebook as your page.