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Facebook Wants to Share Your Purchases

After finding the Facebook Want button last week, I decided to take a deeper look into the code behind it. What’s clear, is that Facebook have big plans for social commerce - and for sharing your purchases.

Social Context Screenshot

Though the Want button itself doesn’t work, I found it is still possible to Want an object using the Graph API. Sending a post request to /me/wants with a product parameter generates a stream story, and updates the want button counter.

Want Stream Story

The source code from the stream story gives a few more clues as to Facebook’s strategy for products. The Want/Unwant action link even includes ‘socialcommerce’

It’s clear that Facebook are working on a new OpenGraph representation of products. They’re even calling the current Product object ‘Product Old’.

I decided to look for the new model in the schema.

Nothing too exciting, until I looked at the actions associated with the object.

The product.purchased action will share purchases (or donations, it seems) of products, or items in Facebook games.

It’s possible to view the configuration page for the action - it’s similar to other built-in actions. However, other API pages for the new objects and actions give a ‘Whitelist Only’ error.

It appears that product wants and purchases will be accessible similar to other user actions - music, news and video. I’ll keep investigating Facebook’s social commerce plans and keep you updated!